CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 build 800009938 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets.CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 build 800009938

Free Download CCleaner – Phone Cleaner Professional MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a professional Cache & junk cleaner Android application.

In this blog post, you can explore the various features and benefits of CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 build 800009938. This could include a detailed explanation of how the app works, its ability to free up space on your phone, and the impact it can have on your device’s overall performance.

Overview of CCleaner Professional APK for Android

CCleaner Professional APK for Android is a able app that helps clean, optimize, and acceleration up your Android device. It is a exceptional adaptation of the accepted CCleaner app, which offers added appearance and benefits.

What is CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3?

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 is a accepted app for Android accessories that is advised to advice users optimize their phones by charwoman up clutter files, managing apps, attention privacy, and optimizing RAM. The app is developed by Piriform, the aforementioned aggregation that created the accepted CCleaner app for Windows.

With CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3, users can calmly browse and abolish accidental files, such as app caches, browser history, and arrangement logs, to chargeless up amplitude and advance performance. The app additionally offers app administration features, acceptance users to uninstall exceptionable apps, see which apps are application the best amplitude and data, and alike move apps to an SD card.

In accession to these features, CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 offers aloofness aegis features, such as allowance browsing history, alarm logs, and argument messages, to assure users’ privacy. The app can additionally advice optimize the phone’s RAM to advance achievement and abate lag.

Using CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 is accessible and straightforward. Once installed, users can baddest the appearance they appetite to use, run a quick or absolute scan, and alike automate the charwoman action with the scheduling feature.

Features of CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3

Sure, here are the features of CCleaner – Phone Cleaner v6.8.3 presented in a table format:

Junk CleanerRemoves unwanted files and app cache to free up space on your device
App ManagerUninstall multiple apps at once or remove pre-installed apps that you don’t use
System InfoProvides detailed information about your device’s hardware and software
RAM BoosterHelps improve device performance by freeing up RAM
Battery SaverAnalyzes your device’s battery usage and suggests ways to conserve power
CPU CoolerMonitors and cools down your device’s CPU temperature to prevent overheating
AntivirusScans your device for malware and viruses to keep it safe
Duplicate FinderHelps find and remove duplicate files on your device
Game BoosterOptimizes your device’s performance for gaming
File ManagerBrowse and manage files on your device, including moving, copying, and deleting files
App HibernationThis feature allows you to hibernate unused apps, which can help save battery life and improve performance.
Privacy ProtectorHelps protect your personal information by clearing app cache and history

How to download CCleaner Professional APK for Android

To download CCleaner Professional APK for Android, you can chase these steps:

  • Go to the download from Below link and download the latest APK file.
  • Click on the “Download” button to download the APK book for CCleaner Professional.
  • If prompted, accord permission to your accessory to download files from alien sources by activity to “Settings” > “Security” > “Unknown sources”.
  • Once the APK book has accomplished downloading, go to the “Downloads” binder on your accessory and acquisition the CCleaner Professional APK file.
  • Tap on the APK book to activate the accession process. Chase the prompts to install the app on your device.
  • Once the app is installed, accessible it and chase the on-screen instructions to set it up and alpha application it.

Note: It is important to alone download APK files from trusted sources to abstain installing malware or adverse software on your device. The official CCleaner website is a safe antecedent to download CCleaner Professional APK for Android.

CCleaner Professional APK for Android Product Information

Sure, here is a table format for CCleaner product information:

FeatureCCleaner Free VersionCCleaner Professional Version
App SizeVaries with device (approximately 27MB – 39MB)Varies with device (approximately 27MB – 39MB)
Junk CleanerYesYes
App ManagerYesYes
RAM BoosterNoYes
Battery SaverNoYes
CPU CoolerNoYes
Duplicate FinderYesYes
File ManagerNoYes
System InfoNoYes
Battery HealthNoYes
Storage AnalyzerNoYes
App HibernationNoYes
Automatic UpdatesYes, for the app and virus databaseYes, for the app and virus database
Technical SupportEmail and online forum supportPriority email and phone support
PriceFree$19.95 for 1 year license, $34.95 for 2 year license

Note: The app size may vary depending on the device and version of the app. The above table is based on the features of CCleaner for Android devices. The features and pricing of CCleaner for Windows and Mac may differ slightly.

Free Download CCleaner Professional APK for Android

The password for the Zip file is: 123


In conclusion, CCleaner is a able account software affairs that helps optimize, clean, and acceleration up computers and adaptable devices. It is accessible in both chargeless and paid versions, with the paid adaptation alms added appearance and allowances such as RAM booster, array saver, CPU cooler, book manager, and antivirus.

CCleaner is a accepted best for users who appetite to advance the achievement and lifespan of their accessories by removing exceptionable files, charwoman up the registry, and absolution up amplitude on the adamantine drive or accumulator device. With automated updates and abstruse abutment available, CCleaner is a reliable and acceptable apparatus for advancement the bloom and ability of your device.

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